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We support overwhelmed and time poor rural business owners to transform passion into profit, so they can focus on their families and parts of the business they love!

1:1 Services

Your plate is already full with the demands of running your operation. Keeping your books accurate and up to date can feel like an insurmountable task amidst all your other responsibilities. It's at this point that many rural business owners find themselves overwhelmed, leading to unintentional neglect of their bookkeeping duties.

Let’s take bookkeeping off your plate

We offer you the opportunity to reclaim precious time, enabling you to focus on the parts of business you love and enjoy more family and fun time.

  • General Bookkeeping
  • Payroll & HR 
  • BAS Agent Services
  • EOFY Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Training Services

Unlock the power of success with accurate, up-to-date books that provide trustworthy information for informed decision-making


Cashflow Support Program

Have you ever experienced cash flow challenges or struggled to understand your business's financial health?
We help you to build an intentional, profitable and fulfilling business that allows you to live a life you love

What is the program?
The Cashflow Support Program is a 3-month financial mentoring program for you, a small business owner with big plans and dreams!

Who needs the Cashflow Support Program?

This is for you if you need ...

  • To establish some serious financial foundations in your business
  • To feel supported in the expansion of entrepreneurial mindsets as you make the transition from playing in business to becoming a fully-fledged scaleable business
  • Support to overcome self-sabotage in your efforts through procrastination and avoidance
  • The knowledge to run a successful enterprise

DIY Xero Setup Course

Are you ready to get started with Xero and want to complete the setup yourself?

This is the perfect course to guide you through setting up Xero quickly and accurately for your business.

This course is for you if…

✅ You have been thinking about setting up Xero for your business
✅ You want to complete the setup yourself but also want professional guidance to do so
✅ You’re new to business or already have a business
✅ Spreadsheets are consuming your time and you want to systemise your business


Profit First

Fueling Rural Businesses for Financial Success

What is Profit First?

Profit First is a cash management methodology developed by author and entrepreneur Mike Michalowicz. It is a system that helps businesses prioritise profit, regularly pay the owners, always have enough money for tax and ensure consistent and sustainable growth.

It has been used successfully by thousands of business owners, in various industries worldwide.

By implementing the Profit First methodology, businesses gain better control over their finances, improve cash flow management, and make informed decisions based on their true profitability. It encourages businesses to operate efficiently and adjust expenses accordingly, enabling sustainable growth and long-term financial success.

Profit First is particularly relevant for rural businesses as it emphasises maximising profitability and financial stability, which are essential factors for success in the agricultural sector. Implementing Profit First principles can help rural businesses thrive and navigate the unique challenges they face while ensuring a healthy bottom line.

It means there is a purpose to each cent in your business, you can make great decisions, and ensure sustainable growth.


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